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Corinna Shea 
Therapy in London
​How can therapy help?

For some the idea of therapy may be somewhat daunting, as they do not know what it entails, or think that it may not be for them.  Put simply - everyone at some point in their lives could use some support, and therapy may be a way to provide and benefit from this. Therapy offers a regular time and space to work on many different aspects - to start to pinpoint how we are really feeling; to explore issues that may be holding us back from ourselves; to allow us to recognise and break cycles and move forward towards our own personal version of happiness.  Talking openly and in confidence, in a space of non-judgement, can allow us the freedom to express that which we may find hard or impossible to discuss with those who know us.

Therapy is not there to 'fix' a person.  Each of us already holds what is needed to help ourselves  recover and move forward in life.  What therapy can do is facilitate each person's own uncovering in themselves of just what that something needed is, and support them during this often challenging process.  Through gaining understanding of ourselves we may begin to learn what and when we would like to change about ourselves and/or our situation, and what elements we would like to learn to nourish and accept. We can regain personal purpose and power that we may have felt lacking, retrieving it from whatever it is that has been holding us back.

In working on ourselves as individuals we may recognise that who we are and what we do has an effect on others.  By making even small changes in ourselves we can often at least start to change the situations around us.  Through self-expansion we are in effect working on our whole environment,  having an impact on those we are in relationships with, be it friends, family or partners; present and future. 

Through my work and my life experiences I have again and again been moved and inspired by how people can instigate change in themselves and their lives.  We are all capable of working through difficult times, and we all have it in us to survive and thrive.  By making the choice to work through personal difficulties we can help shape our present and our future, and release ourselves from elements of our past that we feel have been hindering us.  

Therapy can support each person on their unique personal journey starting this process of change, opening up a different perspective on their lives and the lives of those around them, enabling better   ways of coping with whatever life  may throw at them.

Some issues that can be brought to and explored in therapy may include:

Stress, Trauma, Bereavement, Relationship Issues, Life Purpose, Abuse, Low Self-Esteem/Confidence, Work Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, Identity Issues, Affairs and Betrayals, Self-Harm, Isolation, Lack of Motivation, Sexuality, Anger Management, Abortion Issues, Family Problems, Miscarriage, Obsessions, Personal Transitions, Creative Block, Cultural Issues, Fear, Existential Questioning, Eating Disorders, Premarital Concerns, SAD, Psychosexual Issues, Emotional Distress, Coping with Discrimination, Child-related Issues, Panic Attacks, Suicidal Feelings, Pregnancy and Birth, Phobias, Dealing with Loss, Coming to terms with Illness or Disability, Domestic Violence, Social Issues.